Because we believe that the home is the primary place where faith is nurtured,  we have a very specific strategy to reach the home.  Make sure you stop by our faith@home center to learn more!

The Mission of FBC is to prepare, resource, and equip the home to be Christ-centered and Kingdom-focused. We believe that God has ordained the home as the primary place where faith is nurtured. That’s why we give utmost attention to the home. Whether your home is filled with bustling kids, your kids are all grown up, or you are living on your own, God wants your home to thrive. We want to partner with you to make that happen.

We would like to do this in a number of ways...

  1. Help you become Christ-centered and Kingdom-focused.  Our primary goal is discipleship. We want to help you grow in your walk with Christ. As you do that, your family will benefit.
  2. Equip you to nurture faith in your home. We want to give you resources and training to help your home thrive. Whether that is conversation starters from the message; DVDs, mp3s, or literature to help you grow in a certain area of parenting, marriage, or self-growth; training classes; or other avenues that we will provide, we want to prepare, resource, and equip you to be successful.  You can find some of those resources listed below and on the links to the right.
  3. Provide excellent programs.  At FBC, we have fantastic children's programs, a growing youth group, great programs for adults, and an intergenerational focus to help your family grow together.


To accomplish those three goals, we are hoping to partner with you in three ways:

  1. We want to make it easy
  2. We want to make it likely
  3. We want to make it happen

We want to make it easy by having plenty of resources available at the faith@home center.  We want to make it likely by having campaigns that focus on a particular area of your faith walk and give you tools to work on that area.  Starting in the fall of 2015, we will also be giving parents a training kit for the development of their child's faith during key milestone years of their lives.  We also want to make it happen.  We will do our best to prepare, resource, and equip the home to be Christ-centered and Kingdom-focused.

Faith@Home Center

Our Faith@Home Center (pictured above) is located in our foyer by the café.  The center is part of our "Make it Easy" strategy for home discipleship.  We want to give you tools to develop your faith and the faith of others in your household.  At the faith@home center, you will find a variety of resources available that will change every few months.  You will find season pointers that deal with different stages of life and circumstances from all age groups.  You will also find recipe cards that give a "recipe" for an event with your spouse or your kids.  You will find books, copies of our daily bread and keys for kids, cds, and dvds that will help you grow in your faith.  If we are in the midst of a campaign, you will find all the resources you need to be a part of that campaign.  The resources that are on the faith@home center will continually change, so make sure to check out what is available right now!


We have 1-3 campaigns every year where we focus on creating lifelong habits of faith development in the home.  Whether it is focused on prayer, Bible study, disconnecting from media to connect to each other, or any other topic, we will give you tools to develop discipleship habits at home.  As we do each campaign, we will put some of the helpful guides and resources on the website.  Here are some links to the campaign pages:


Connected 3D

5 Love Languages


Faith Path

We will be launching Faith Path in the fall of 2017.  We want to partner with the home and will be giving parents training kits to develop the faith of their kids during key ages. 

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