FBC Reading Plan

Booklet Keys For Kids

Reading Plan Passages AND Memory Verses for January - December 2024

Reading Plan Guidance: Reading Plan for Jan 2, 2024 (Psalm 4 and 5)

  • Reading Plan Daily Action
    • Highlight: Principle, Promise, Command, or Characteristic about God that the Lord brings to your soul through the text
    • Implication: What impact does this have on my life?
    • Application: How can I respond practically to this in my life?


contact@fbclowell.org for any questions

Additional Resources

The Bible Project

Excellent resource for materials that are easy to understand for all ages.  Materials are provided at no cost and accessible by way of the internet and smart device “app”.

Link: Bible Book Overview Videos (5-7 minutes)


One of the best online resources for those looking for in-depth study of biblical and theological topics. Many materials are free of cost and accessible by way of the internet and smart device “app”.  This website is somewhat difficult to use.  See FBC's Biblical Training Launch Page.  As always, feel free to contact FBC staff (contact@fbclowell.org) for help with using this website.

Link: 52 Major Stories of the Bible


Good resource and easy to navigate offering a variety of topical studies, verse studies, commentaries, dictionaries and much more. Most materials are available through their subscription service.  Caution, without the subscription service you will see a lot of "pop-up" advertisements.





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