Reading Resources

This is a great resource for you to use to learn more about the Scriptures from a variety of seminary professors and scholars in their respective areas.  One course that is especially beneficial is called "52 Major Stories of the Bible" by Dr. Bill Mounce.  It is a free resource.  Just create an account, add courses, and start your journey toward a deeper understanding of God's Word.  They also have an app and you can download courses to listen to if you don't want to use cellular data.

The Bible Project

These are YouTube Videos created for you to understand the Scriptures more fully.  These videos have been created by Dr. Tim Mackie, an Old Testament scholar and professor at Western Theological Seminary, and Jon Collins, the creative mastermind behind the presentations.  It is really engaging and they have a way of making complex language and concepts easy to understand.

This resource will help you with commentary and word studies as you seek to dig out answers to confusing texts, words, or concepts that you encounter.





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