Romania Equip to Ship Project

*Important Update:  We will not be loading up the container until late March.


I am happy to announce to you that our annual Harvest Ingathering offering is going to something other than debt reduction or paying off a sewer assessment.  Yes, we get to give to something that is much more exciting. 

As part of their ministry in Romania, Andrew and Leah Postema head up what is called PACT Romania (formerly known as Romania Ministry Center).  This project started as a dream and that dream is coming to life.  The Lord has provided a great piece of land to build this ministry center/camp and I had the privilege to see it.  I got to walk all around the property and listen as Andrew’s vision for this place unfold.  While they wait for a few more permits to be approved, they need equipment to start taking care of the land and preparing it for a phased-out building campaign.  This is where FBC comes in. 

We will gather much needed equipment for PACT Romania, pack a shipping container, and have it shipped to Romania.  We are calling it Romania Equip to Ship.  The container will be delivered to FBC in late January for us to pack it and then be shipped.  Andrew has made a list of all the items they need.  I have placed them on Sign-up Genius, which can be accessed through this link…  We do not have a hard copy of this list because this is the only way we can assure that people will not be duplicating items.  However, you can email me ( and I can let you know the available items, then you can let me know what item you will secure from the list.  This list will be shared with all of Andrew and Leah’s supporting churches, so many people will be involved in this project.

This project involves three steps:

  • Give: We will be raising funds through the Harvest Ingathering offering for the month of November to pay for the shipping and one of the big-ticket items on Andrew’s list.  Our goal is to raise $15,000 for this project.  If we raise more, then we will be able to purchase more equipment they need.
  • Buy or Donate:  We are encouraging you as an individual, family, Life Group, or D-Group to commit to getting one or more of the items off of the list.  You do not need to buy brand new equipment; we just ask that it is in good shape and has life left in it.  We do not want to get into a junk for Jesus kind of situation.  So, if you have any of these items and it is in decent condition, you are welcome to donate it. 
  • Ship:  When it comes time to load up the shipping container, we are going to make a day of it.  We will be asking for many hands to transfer items from the FBC barn to the shipping container. 


Let’s get behind this project and help the PACT Romania vision to come to fruition. 

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