FBC 2019 Missions Conference

FRIDAY, Oct. 18th

7:00PM Stories: God at Work Among the Nations...  Come here stories about how God is at work among the nations from our missionaries and from some of our own people involved in missions.  Pastor Scott Dunford will be our guest conference speaker.

8:15PM Showcase of Nations... You are invited to check out the many displays of different people groups in the Fellowship Room after the session.  Be sure to get your "visas" stamped to enjoy some delicious ice cream!

SATURDAY, Oct. 19th

10:00AM Missionary Soul Care Workshop... One of our missionaries, Mike Bowden, will be leading a workshop to help the church better care for the souls of our missionaries.

6:00PM  Rev. 5:9 Night... Come joins for this night of fun and insight.  You will learn about different cultures and effective ways to share the Gospel in that context while enjoying a finger food from that ethnic group.  There will be 5 rotations that are 15-20 minutes long.  Dessert social will follow.

SUNDAY, Oct. 20th

9:30AM Worship Service...  On Sunday morning, during our regular worship service, we will be hearing briefly from all of our missionaries, and we will be challenged in the area of missions by our conference speaker, Pastor Scott Dunford.

11:00 Missions Workshops...  There will be 5 workshops for you to choose to attend.  At each workshop, one of our guest missionaries will be sharing what their current ministry is and how we can pray for them.  We will allow time for each group to pray for the missionary, and the workshop will end with a rundown of tangible next steps for people to pursue a greater level of engagement in global missions.

Conference Speaker:  Scott Dunford

Other Guest Missionaries:

  • Roberto and Anna DeLucia (Brazil)
  • Seth and Rebecca Mallay (Togo)
  • Mike Bowden (Czech Republic)
  • Pastor Dave Faulkner (Jamaica)




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