Help! I'm New!

We all know what it is like to come into a new environment.  There is a certain amount of confusion and apprehension that most people experience.  While we cannot take all of that away, we can let you know what you can expect if you visit us on a Sunday Morning.

1.  You can expect friendly grace-filled people.  We like people and want to express that from the time you walk in the doors.  Doesn't matter to us who you are... you are welcome!

2.  You can expect a blended worship style.  We believe worship is an expression of truths about God and of our affections for God.  While we lean on the side of contemporary, we also love to express these things through hymns as well.  Honestly, our focus is an authentic response to a biblically accurate revelation of God.  

3.  You can expect intergenerational worship.  We have a nursery and a preschool program for the kids during the duration of the service, and we dismiss k-3rd grade children for Children's Church before the sermon, but encourage 4th grade on up to experience corporate worship with their family.  We believe that it is what is healthy for students as their faith develops over these formative years.  

4.  You can expect a safe, inviting, and caring place for children.  All of our volunteers who work with children have gone through background checks, and our ministry is set up to keep kids safe.  We also have an exciting and creative space for children to be nurtured in the things of the Lord.

5.  You can expect an active student ministry.  

6.  You can expect biblical and practical preaching.  Our aim is to explain the meaning of a text from the Scriptures and how it applies to everyday life.  Often we will study an entire book of the Bible, and other times we will highlight certain teachings about God, but in every case, God's Word drives the teaching.

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