WHY: We believe God enabled the family wih the role of primary disciple-maker for each family member.  God gave parents the privilege and accountability of nurturing the faith for each of their children.  The Faith Path offers guidance as you live through the faith and spiritual disciplines milestones in your child’s life.

WHAT: The Faith Path provides guidance in developing and maintaining a clear plan pointing your child toward Christ in an age-appropriate manner.  We provide these free resources so you can nurture and demonstrate these faith practices throughout each of your child's formative years.

The Faith Path guides toward particular practices at ages and stages in which a child can understand.  We will provide you with both online and physical packets that include training, resources and ideas as you and each of your children navigate a nurturing path together.

WHEN: You can start today regardless of your child’s age or stage of development. Don’t worry if you miss a step or if you start the process with an older child.  You can always go back and emphasize earlier steps. We also encourage you to reinforce these practices as your child matures rather than view them as a one-time emphasis. 


Overview Kit:  A starting point for a family with children of any age.


Faith Path Age Related Milestones (ages are guidance only all children are different!!)

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