God's Not Dead Week 5: The Primacy of God's Glory!

Three Aspects of Glory
1.  The Melody of Glory!  The Glory of God sung about by the angles and elders in the throne room scenes of both Isa. 6 and Revelation 4.  

2.  The Meaning of Glory!  Glory comes from the Hebrew word kabod meaning "heavy weight."  For God to be a glorious God means that His significance, beauty, and being brings about a weight upon every soul, not because of performance but because of who He is.

3.  The Manifestation of Glory!  God's glory is made known through creation, for the heavens truly do declare His glory!  His glory is also manifested through His presence and goodness!  Ask Moses about this one... you may have to wait awhile to do that however.  Finally his glory is manifested through his image bearers!  As those who follow Jesus become more like Jesus, they begin to reflect the Glory of Jesus.  

God's Glory is the starting point to understanding the Biblical narrative and making sense out of life.

Here is a message from John Piper to further explore the idea of the Glory of God.

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