From Pastor Jon

2022 is here and I am excited about what God has in store for His church.  Here at FBC our passion is to see Christ-centered, Kingdom-focused people engaging with others, including their own home to become fully devoted followers of Jesus.  This drives how we approach our ministries and programming.  We do not look at discipleship as a menu of program options for someone to attend, but rather as a map or pathway for people to follow.  Our Discipleship Pathway is a big deal here.  It starts with corporate worship.  There is something life-giving about gathering together with God's people to express ourselves through singing and prayer, as well as, to hear the preaching/teaching of God's Word.  But discipleship is more than just a large gathering.  People need to connect and feel like they belong to each other.  This is why we encourage everyone to join a Life Group.  Though Life Groups are great at helping people to connect, we believe discipleship has another essential piece that churches often fail to develop... fostering the disciplines (Bible reading, prayer, and obedience) that serve as a catylist for transformation in an accountable relationship.  We do this through what we call D-Groups.  The end goal of discipleship is to reach the world with the Gospel and make other disciples.  This is who we are and what we are striving to reach.  We want to see people thrive in their relationship with God and His mission, not just survive and passively mosey on through this life.  We would love for you to join us on this journey!

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