From Pastor Jon

When someone asks me, "What is your church all about?"  I get a bit of a smile on my face because I love our church and love where it is going.  I also know that there are many perceptions about what a baptist church is and is not, so allow me to bring some clarity.  First Baptist Church takes both the great commission (to make disciples who make disciples) and the great commandment (to love God and to love people) seriously.  We are a group of people who desperately want to pursue Christ, because we believe He is worth pursuing.  We are a people who passionately want to worship Jesus, as we know Him from the Bible, from the core of our being.  We are people who want to know Him and make Him known to others.  We are a people who desire to serve the interests of Jesus in this life, while we love our neighbors well.  We are a people who believe that God has an agenda for the world, not just the American church.  We are a people who are committed to recapturing the home as the primary place where faith is nurtured.  We want to see families thriving relationally and spiritually.  In short, we desire to see Christ-Centered, Kingdom-Focused homes on every block in the Lowell community.  This is what we are all about!  We want to be a conduit for this to happen, whether it is in person or through our website.

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