From Pastor Jon

Thanks for visiting our website.  If you clicked on this page, it is likely that you are trying to get a feel for who we are as a church and what we are all about.  I have been serving this body since January of 2012, and it has been a joy.  One of my greatest ministry passions is to see people develop into disciples who are engaged in making other disciples.  I believe that a life that is lived for the glory of God is actually a life that is ultimately our greatest good.  So we put a great emphasis on making disciples and really don't want to just do church.  If you come to FBC we still offer programming for kids and teenagers, but we really stress the importance of the family to be involved in the discipleship process.  We see ourselves as partners to the home and the home as the primary place where faith is best nurtured.  You will also see and hear us talk about the Discipleship Pathway.  This is our ministry model for connecting people into deeper relationships and more intentional relationships that lead them toward becoming a fully devoted disciple of Jesus.  Check out the ins and outs of our Discipleship Pathway on our website.  We are a church fully committed to the authority of the Scriptures leading us by the power of the Holy Spirit to a more intimate relationship with God and more impactful relationship with our neighbors.  You would be greeted warmly and welcomed to join us for a worship service at 9:30am on a Sunday.  Again, thanks for checking out our webpage.

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