Awana Cancellation Policy First Baptist Church of Lowell Awana will be cancelled due to the following reasons: 

      • Lowell Public Schools cancels classes or events due to weather related issues.
      • A Tornado Watch or Warning is issued by the National Weather Service extending beyond 5:30 p.m. 

Awana will NOT be held even if conditions seem to improve when Lowell Public Schools have cancelled classes or events. 

WCSG FM 91.3, WFUR FM 102.9, WOODTV and WZZM will also broadcast information regarding Awana cancellations. 

The Awana staff is unable to contact each family individually so the above policy serves as notice of program cancellation. In the event of a Tornado Watch being issued after Awana has started children should be picked up immediately. Staff is unable to transport children. In the event of a Tornado Warning being issued after Awana has started children will be kept in the church basement until the warning has expired. Staff will not transport children during a warning. Parents should wait until the warning has expired before picking up their (child) children. If Awana is cancelled for any other reason, every attempt will be made to contact each family.

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