The Five Becomings Series

 The Five Becomings Series

This is an important series for our church.  It is the beginning of a strategy to be engaged in the mission that Jesus gave when He left this world.  We want to be a church that is engaged in the Great Commission, but how do we do this?  What must we become?  The elders have identified Five Becomings that FBC must move toward to be this kind of church.  

Becoming One:  FBC must become a church that passionately prays for lost people!

Becoming Two:  FBC must become a church that meets people where they are and graciously leads them toward Christ-centeredness!

Becoming Three:  FBC must become a church that develops and utilizes strong leadership teams.

Becoming Four:  FBC must become a church with a clear and intentional discipleship path.

Becoming Five:  FBC must become a church engaged in the spread of the Gospel both locally and globally.


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