Student Missions

We try to make every activity we do at FBC intentional. Each year our High School group participates in a missions-related experience, including local missions, mission training and foreign missions. We also attend Dare 2 Share every other year.  Dare 2 Share is an evangelism training event where our teens learn how to share the gospel with others.

Long Term Missions Planning

We want to give each teen an opportunity to experience local and global missions so we have a four year rotation of mission experiences.  Years 1 and 3 will be local, Year 2 and 4 will be global with a trip to Toronto for Remix and an international trip like Haiti.

2019 - International Trip (location to be determined)

2018 - West Michigan Remix:  What would it look like if our students didn't see missions as something that happens far away, but something that happens at home?  We will be taking the program from Remix, but having the groups go and do their mission experiences in their hometown.  In our context, that means that we will be doing our mission experiences in Lowell.  Our leadership team is really excited about this trip!

2017 - We returned to Toronto Remix for the third time since 2011.  God moved in mighty ways and our teens truly cared for each other and spent many hours praying for and with each other.  I have never seen a group of teenagers pray so much for each other and care so well for each other.  Our 3 Toronto Remix experiences have been so transformative, we are bringing remix to Grand Rapids.  For more info on Toronto Remix, go to

2016 - Lincoln Lake Camp:  Our students had an opportunity to be junior counselors for the week.  They also helped Pastor Phil lead the chapels each day.  It was a great week of ministry.  

2015 - Haiti:  What an amazing week of ministry!!!  God was able to use our team in great ways as we did construction projects, led an afternoon VBS and evening youth program each day, participated in the Sunday Service, served alongside Haitians, planted trees for people in the community, prayed with them, shared the love of Christ, and served the community and each other!  It is extremely difficult to put into words what God did in and through our team.  We are so thankful for all the people that gave to our trip and prayed for us.  God will continue to use this trip in the lives of our teens and the church that we were able to partner with in Haiti.

2014 - Toronto Remix:  Remix is a missions training week.  Each day started with training on a particular aspect of missions or evangelism.  The teens then spent the day in real life experiences utilizing what they had learned.  In the evening, We all came back together and talked through what we experienced.  For instance, one day was about listening and we went to a homeless "drop-in" lunch.  We just sat with people who were homeless or in a rough patch of their life and ate lunch with them.  We then had an opportunity to hear the story of a man who had been homeless for a few years.  We also learned about a ministry that works with the homeless.  It was a great week of training and growing.  One of the coolest moments happened as we worshiped together in the parking lot and God opened doors to have conversations about the gospel because of our singing.  We serve a great God!

2013 - Scioto Hills Camp, Ohio:  We had a great week of ministry, training, and service!  We spent each day hanging out with the elementary age kids, doing service projects, teaching chapel lessons, leading worship, having puppet shows, performing dramas and building team unity. 

2012 - Haiti:  We spent a week loving kids and spending time with them at the orphanage.  We had service projects to do in the morning, as well as ministry opportunities in the community during the afternoons.  But the best time was always the free time we had with the kids.  They were full of love and life.  It is hard to put in to words what God did in and through the lives of our teens that week.  

2011 - Toronto Remix:  A great week of missions training!!!

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