Current Electives

2023 Fall Quarter:

Into the Pit and out of the Pit by Power of Yahweh (Taught by Bob Copeland and Dr. Dave Beach):   “O Lord, this wasn’t supposed to happen to me. Why Lord, why did you take my loved one?” Or have you ever wondered, “How do I help that person who is grieving their loss? What should I say? What should I do?” Well, this class is for you. It is designed for anyone who has lost a loved one recently or well in the past, and for those who would like to help someone who is grieving. Or perhaps you would just like a different way of studying the Psalms. You’ll hear a fresh and different way of organizing the Psalms. We will examine how this organization and study of the Psalms relates to those who grieve or have grieved. We will learn how the Psalms can help those grieving. The interactive class will have plenty of opportunities to discuss our feelings and experiences. As the class develops, we will discuss how our feelings and viewpoint has changed as we relate our lives to the Psalms.

What Must I Do to Be Saved? (Taught by Pastor Andrew Bolkcom):  “What must I do to be saved?” That is the most important question a person can ask, and that makes the answer one of eternal importance. This class will explore what exactly the word “salvation” means to Christians and how we receive salvation. The goal is to both confirm what you already believe but also help you explain why you believe it. This study will deepen our love for our Savior and compel us to be more faithful in sharing him with the world.

What Are Electives?


Electives are designed to engage in a more formal teaching setting to help our people more fully understand and embrace Biblical teaching.
Electives happen on Sunday Mornings from 11am-12pm



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