Current Electives

2023 Winter Quarter: Starting January 22nd

Membership Class (Taught by Pastor Jon Pickens):  This is a five week class that aims to inform those who are new to FBC what we are all about, what membership is all about, and how we operate as a church.  It is an incredibly helpful class if you want to know more about FBC.  You don't have tobecome a member if you take the class, but it is required if one is to become a member of FBC.

The 10 Commandments (Taught by Mike Sullivan):  This is a 10 week class exploring the meaning and relevance of the 10 commandments in today's world.

Christian Sexuality (Taught by Pastor Andrew Bolkcom):  This 10 week class will help the believer understand how to think about issues around sexuality through the lens of a Biblical worldview as well as discuss how a Christian can engage with others in a broken culture who think radically different on these issues. 

What Are Electives?


Electives are designed to engage in a more formal teaching setting to help our people more fully understand and embrace Biblical teaching.
Electives happen on Sunday Mornings from 11am-12pm



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